Best Schools for Autism – Recognized Schools for People with Autism

Education plays a good role in life that is why this article is giving you the best schools for autism. Though education plays a big role in the life of a child it is more important for children with autism. Before you go ahead and choose your child’s educational path it is important to consider the criteria that make a school perfect for your child with autism.

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Best Schools for Autism

When you are armed with research and common sense you will make the right decision for your child. You will have several choices when it comes to selecting a school for your child. There are public schools, charter or magnet schools, private academies, and homeschooling to choose from.

List of Best Schools for Autism

The following programs specialize in educating children with autism and are recognized for their success.

The Autism Academy of Learning

This school is located in Toledo, Ohio and is a year-round public school for children who have been diagnosed with some form of autism. They might also have other forms of disabilities in addition to ASD. And also teachers work one on one with students a lot of the time.

Land Park Academy

This school is a behavioral-based program located in Sacramento, California. It also offers a great educational program. This academy is a non-public school which serves children from age three to twenty-two diagnosed with an autism disorder.

The Jericho School

This school was founded by parents and local business people in Jacksonville, Florida. This school offers specialized, science-based educational opportunities for people with autism and additional development disorders. This school curriculum incorporates verbal and applied behavior analysis to provide students with individual and comprehensive instruction.

Lionsgate Academy

This school is based on Minnetonka, Minnesota. With its student-centered philosophy and intensive education plans, it offers a great program, for students with high functioning autism. Every child’s IEP and PLP which include a very viable step towards gaining a solid education paired with real-life skills for use after graduation.

The Victory Center

This school provides intensive, one on one academic instruction to children from three to fifteen years old. In addition to outreach services for families with children with ASD the curriculum also incorporates ABA as well as small group-based activities to build social and communication skills.

Camphill Special School

This school is located in Glenmoore, Pennsylvania. It is a private school that serves children with a variety of autism spectrum disorders as well as other cognitive and developmental disabilities. It offers both residential and day programs and includes a transitional program for young people ages 18 to 21.

Imagine Academy

This school was founded by a school of parents in Brooklyn, New York in order to bring an integrated approach to their children’s education. In addition to its comprehensive academic curriculum, this school offers students a unique amalgamation of DIR/Floortime therapy and ABA therapy.

The Forum School

The school is located in Waldwick, New Jersey; The Forum School is a private, non-sectarian day school that is designed to meet the needs of children up to age 16. Adult to child ratios are approximately one adult per every two children, and structurally and academically stimulating curriculum plans are individually geared to every child’s needs.

Heartspring School

The school was founded in 1934, the Heartspring School is located in Wichita, Kansas. The school offers a multi-disciplinary program in which many specialists work together to serve the needs of the children through both classroom-based and residential education programs. It serves children between five and 21 years of age.

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