The GMX app and all the features it provides is now available for PC and Desktop. Perhaps you should have heard of the GMX App for Windows 10. Now setting up a free GMX account is simple and fast but does it applies to using the app and most especially on a Windows 10 device. Now GMX is now well known but it is still among the free email platforms that meet basic emailing needs. While setting up for a new GMX account you will be asked to provide some basic details and these details are what will be used to set up the account. Some of these details are your date of birth, country name and so on.

GMX App for Windows 10

GMX App for Windows 10

Using the GMX App for Windows 10 provides you with a lot of features apart from just regular email services. One of the benefits of using this email service along with its app is the autoresponders. These autoresponders make it easy for businesses. With this feature, you can automatically send a reply to emails received at a designated time. If you have a tight or busy schedule, then this is the right email platform you should definitely get engaged with. There is also an attachment limit of up to fifty MB which is way more than the other email platform since they just provide a limit of twenty to twenty-five MB.

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How to Download GMX App for Window 10

Downloading the GMX app for windows 10 can be confusing at times. But I can assure you that it is very simple. If you are having a hard time doing so or you just dint know how to, then the steps below are for you. Remember, you have to follow them accordingly to successfully download the GMX App for Windows 10.

  • Boot the device you want to download and install the GMX app on and connect it to an active data connection.
  • Locate the app store on the device and tap on it.
  • Now find the search bar on the app store and tap on it. Using the search bar, search for “GMX”.
  • Tap on the GMX Mail app. You should be taken to its home screen where you should see some of its features.
  • Tap on install and watch the app downloaded and installed on your device.

Since the app is free, downloading it is also free. But bear in mind that you will be charged with regular data charges.


GMX App for Windows 10: How to Download GMX App for Window 10

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