What is PayPal Money? PayPal money is the money in your PayPal account balance. Do you own a PayPal account or want to open a PayPal account. Once you open a PayPal account then you will start receiving PayPal money. PayPal has become a very popular platform over the years, you can use it to receive funds, make payments, send money and much more.

PayPal Money

PayPal Money

There are so many several ways for you to receive PayPal money. It could be through surveys, through selling online, by using PayPal in your shop or business. You can choose to get paid through PayPal as it is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get paid. If you do not have a PayPal account to receive payment you have to open an account and confirm your email address.

How to Earn PayPal Money

To earn PayPal money, you will have to be paid through PayPal, which means you have to own an account. to start earning PayPal money you will have to work and use PayPal as your payment method. There are so many jobs you can do online that pays through PayPal. you can easily earn online by completing surveys and other online jobs.

Online Jobs that Pay via PayPal

Many freelancers prefer PayPal as a payment option as they can receive payment from an employer and immediately use the funds. Here are some platforms that offer online jobs and pay through PayPal.


This is a market place where you sell your services. It is very popular with freelancers on the internet. It offers services like graphic design, web design, writing, proofreading and much more. Visit the website https://www.fiverr.com/.

Survey Junkie

This a popular survey platform on the internet with more than 5 million active users and the company pays its users for completing easy, short and simple surveys every day. Website https://www.surveyjunkie.com/


With this platform, you get paid for watching videos, play video games and shop online. You can do this through the app.

Vindale Research

This a paying survey platform on the internet and you can also make money by referring friends, watching videos, sending payment receipts and so much more. Website https://www.vindale.com/.


This a survey platform. You take surveys and get paid. Website https://www.mypoints.com/.

PineCone Research

With this platform start making money by testing products online and also you get paid for surveys on this website. Earn gift cards like Amazon, Walmart, etc. website https://www.mypoints.com/.


You get paid to take surveys and reading promotional emails. Website https://www.mindspay.com/.


This is a multitasking website where you can earn by shopping online, answering surveys, playing games, watching videos and much more. Website https://www.swagbucks.com/.


This is a platform that connects all other survey platforms to serve high paying surveys to you. This platform acts as a mediator and users can browse surveys from their favorite websites. Website https://www.opinioncity.com/.

There are many more options where you can earn through PayPal. this platform above allows you to accept jobs at your free time to earn PayPal money online. If you do not own a PayPal account you can visit the PayPal website www.paypal.com to open an account.

PayPal Money: Earn PayPal Money with Online Jobs that Pay via PayPal

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