School Near Me – List of Schools Near Me

School Near Me education is one of the most important factors in a country. This article is going to contain a school near me. For young people, it is important to have a complete education in order to access to a range of opportunities in the labor market. While looking for the right educational institution may seem daunting they are a lot of resources available to help you find them.

School Near Me

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School Near Me

There are a lot of schools in a country or in a state. But are looking for schools that are particularly close to you. If you live in my region or plan to move to this part of my country this article is just for you. When looking for a school. As a parent, we all want the best for our children and there are factors you would like to look into before admitting your child to your schools.

List of Schools Near Me

In Nigeria, there are 36 states and due to your job or some other emergency, you might move to another state. If you live in delta state or are moving to or close to Ughelli these are schools you might want to consider for your child.

Kogbodi International School

This school is located at Ughelli, Delta State at Otan Street. The school was established in 1986 and is one of the foremost educational establishments in the delta state are of southern Nigeria.

Marvel International School

This school is located at Ughelli Patani Road by Oghenevweta Junction, Ughelli, Delta State. This school is both a day and boarding school. They are committed to providing high-quality education with a conducive and motivating environment.

Government College Ughelli

This school is a public school created by the government for boys only. The school was founded in 1945 it was first sited at Warri before it was later moved to Ughelli. The school is situated on the post office road by police station Ughelli.

Otovwodo Grammar School

When this school was founded it became an answer to parents who could not send their children to more popular schools at the time. The school is located at Agbara-Otor road, Otovwodo, Ughelli – Ughelli North LGA.

National Foundation Academy

This government school is situated at No. 21 akprogbe street Ughelli-Ughelli.

Heroes of Faith International School

This school is a private institution. It is situated at Ughelli patani road Ughelli.

Petra Christian Academy Ughelli

It is a private institution that was founded by Dr. and Mrs. Apoki O.C. It is situated at Ekredjobor Stree, Off Uduere Street, Otovwodo, Ughelli-Delta State.

Oharisi Government School

This is a government school. It is situated at Isoko Road, Ughelli.

High Standard Comprehensive High School

It is situated at Anglican road, Ovwodavwanre Ughelli.

Anglican Girls Grammar School

This is an all-girls private school owned by the Anglican Diocese of Ughelli. It has both day and boarding students.

Cheery-Tots Montessori School

Is one of the top leading Montessori schools in delta state. It is situated at No. 48 Ekredjebor road, before Erhi filling station Ughelli.

Sonnicity Universal schools

This school is situated at No. 5 Ikprukpru Street, off Uloho Avenue.

Glory Land College

This school is situated at No. 1 glory Land Street, off Robert Alor Ughelli, Delta State, Nigeria.

Shepherd College

This school is situated at Lbrogeun Street off pipeline street, Ughelli.

Inland Montessori High school

This school is situated Umujobotu Street off Amekpa road, Ughelli.


These are the list of some famous school near me and am sure you can pick the one close to you for your child to attend.

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