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What is SwiftKey? It is a virtual keyboard app developed by TouchType for both Android and IOS devices. With was first released as an exclusive for Android devices and later for IOS after apple allowed third-party keyboard support. SwiftKey uses a blend of artificial intelligence technologies that enable it to predict the next word you type.


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This is a keyboard that learns your writing style so you can type faster. It gives you more accurate autocorrect and predictions by learning your writing style including the words, phrases, and emoji that matter to you. You can choose from different keyboard themes and amazing you can also design your own. You can type in five different languages. Switch seamlessly in up to five languages without switching settings.

Where to Get SwiftKey

Get SwiftKey for your android device and IOS device. Easily bring your messages to life with stickers, GIFs, and emojis. Personize your stickers with text or use your own photos then save your favorites. You can get it easily on the Google play store, Apple store and other online stores.

Features of SwiftKey

Here is a list of features that makes the SwiftKey app not just amazing but also a great tool to increase your productivity.

  • Word predictions. This is one of the reasons that make SwiftKey stand out among the rest. Just give it sometime about a month or two and the next thing you know it will start predicting your words.
  • Sync across multiple devices. Instead of starting over with word predictions when you get a smartphone well it is not a big hassle with SwiftKey as it stores the personal language model and settings. Go to settings and enable the backup and sync option.
  • Built-in the clipboard. Whenever a text is copied this fantastic keyboard app retains the copied text for up to an hour. So, your time is saved.
  • Swipe and Gestures. SwiftKey has an additional feature of getting your thoughts across which goes by the name Flow. With this, you swipe from letter to letter to type words.
  • Change keyboard layout and size. With phones with bigger displays, these features can play a great role in reducing the hassle of typing. There are three different layout and different resize options.
  • Shortcuts. Is the feature lets you save shortcuts to frequently used words.
  • Change long press duration. You feel the accented characters are displayed a little too slow well worry not there is an alternative in the SwiftKey settings where you can easily change long press duration.
  • Arrow keys. This feature lets you move the cursor in all four directions and enable the arrow keys from the settings and enjoy the experience.
  • Quick punctuation. This an amazing feature that lets you quickly punctuation your message. Though most of us do not follow the rules of punctuation when typing with our phones.
  • Add a number row.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Free themes.

These is the great features of SwiftKey though there are others and new ones are added it is great and fun to use and make typing messages super easy.

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